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An Awkward “Hello”

December 10, 2011

In beginning a blog, I’ve always had questions… What do I need to write about? How do I get people to read this? What is the proper way to go about beginning a blog? Add to these simple questions the many, many more I’ve been trying to answer for myself over the last five years.

Recently, a few things I believe I have always known have surfaced in regards to blogging. First off, I was approaching finding a subject the wrong way, I now realize it will find me. I can’t tell you right now what my next post will be about and really, that’s okay. I love music and movies, both fashion and technology are things I obsess over, and i also enjoy reading and cooking. Why limit myself to only a certain topic? What comes to me is what will be written and absolutely nothing will be forced.

Secondly, what I had convinced myself was the most crucial part of starting a blog: building an audience. I wondered why even bother if I cannot get people interested in anything I had to say. That’s when I realized I didn’t want to start this in 2008 for an audience. I wanted to do this for me. So I am.

Lastly, there isn’t really a textbook way to begin a blog. It’s kind of awkward. Embrace it, and if there is one thing I’ve embraced as I’ve gotten older, it’s awkwardness. At the beginning of Superstar, Mary Katherine Gallagher wisely states; “There are two ways to get into the water. First you take your toe and you gently test the water’s temperature, and if that feels okay, then you slowly get in, letting your body adjust to the cold. Then there’s this way–you JUMP!”

Hi, that’s me, Mary Katherine Gallagher Jonathan David Crumes, it’s nice to meet you.


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