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Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2012

Let me begin this by saying (in a fake English Madonna accent) I loathe Valentine’s Day. For two reasons: I am single (happily) and it is the worst of the corporate holidays. The notion that one’s love for another should be showcased specifically on this day every year… whatever. I don’t follow this logic.

However, I will be trying out the role of the hopeless romantic for this blog’s sake.

Much like Christmas, I fall victim to my perennial favorites for Valentine’s Day. Specifically music and movies. The candy is nice, but I mean… when is it not? Well… those Sweethearts are disgusting, but I digress.

Every year around Valentine’s Day I am allowed to pull a few of my guilty pleasures out and display them wide in the open without fear of judgement. Specifically my music collection. I have compiled my favorite Valentine’s Day tunes in an iTunes playlist that can be found here. This list portrays every aspect of love for me, from falling in it, being in it, leaving it, and trying again. At the top of that list are greats including Céline Dion, Michael Bublé, and Cher. Genres from pop to rock and country to jazz. To me, this represents the best of the best.

Romantic comedies are commonly found near Valentine’s Day. Sappy movies are easy to find as well. I’ll save you the trouble and point you in the direction of the best romantic movies. These are the ones you need to watch (in no particular order):

1.) P.S. I Love You: If you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you have seen it, watch it again. If you are an emotional cutter, this is perfect for you. You’ll laugh and then you will cry. You’ll stop crying and begin laughing. Then, yes. You’ll cry and laugh simultaneously. I dare you to find something not endearing about the story.

2.) UP: I realize how strange this looks appearing on the list. I once read that Disney and Pixar told a better love story in ten minutes than Stephenie Meyer did over four novels. I agree.

3.) Titanic: No real explanation is necessary.

4.) No Strings Attached: Natalie Portman is amazing. This movie gives the romantic comedy genre a swift kick and ventures into R-rated territory. Very raunchy. Very awesome.

5.) 10 Things I Hate About You: Everyone has probably seen this, but if you don’t get choked up at the end, you aren’t human.

6.) Brokeback Mountain: Oh, no! Hide your kids! It’s a movie about gay men being in love! Get over it. If this movie were a love story about a man and a woman, It would become a classic (not that it isn’t.)

7.) Dirty Dancing: Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

8.) The Notebook: I must admit that I could never bring myself to read the book. The movie, however. Yes, please. You have young love advancing into an old couple. It is perfect.

9.) Sweet Home Alabama: I love Reese Witherspoon. This role is what she was made for. The sassiness of her character plus the chemistry with Josh Lucas makes for a very entertaining love story.

10.) Top Gun: Wait, what? Yes, it is an action movie. But it also spawned the most cliché love theme from a movie. Adding to Berlin’s Take My Breath Away, you have an action-packed movie with a great love story lurking beneath the surface. “Maverick, you big stud, take me to bed or lose me forever.” may very well be the best line from this movie.

There you have it, my attempt at being a hopeless romantic. Looking over my decisions, I can see clearly that the shoe doesn’t really fit just yet. There’s always hope…

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