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September 1, 2012

It is here!  To challenge myself, I have decided to Blog Everyday in September.  Hopefully the cryptic bright blue bed makes a little more sense now (Blog EveryDay).

I realized I have been slacking quite a bit creatively when it comes to this blog, I mean, I disappeared for about six months.  Blogging everyday was an idea I had back in May, but with working two jobs I hardly had the time to do it.  So then I planned to do it in August.  August showed up and I was completely unprepared.  Enter: September.

September marks a new page in the life of this blog as it marks many things.  In the fashion world, September marks the beginning of a new year of trends.  In the Apple world, it marks the launch of new iPods and recently, the new iPhone.  Even Taylor Swift has said it: “You’ll have new Septembers.”

Please join me in this adventure as I post a new entry everyday this month.  Keep checking back daily to see what is new or sign up to follow my blog via email on the right side of the menu!


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