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September 2, 2012

The biggest challenge in writing this blog is inspiration. I try to look into what is going on around me for that, but usually I rule out most of my potential topics for various reasons.

For anyone that knows me, I am very opinionated and I am extremely open to discuss my ideas, therein lies the problem. If I were to write everything I think in this blog, it’d be way too much. I’m sure not everyone cares how I feel about politics or religion and honestly, I’m worried that my views may offend some. For this reason, I have avoided writing about such topics–until this month. Yes, politics and religion are both on the docket for September.

Looking past my personal environment, I have been paying attention to what other people are doing and saying in hopes of sparking inspiration. Glorified eavesdropping, if you will. It is amazing how much inspiration can be drawn from such a source. One sentence overheard from a stranger has the ability to spark a whole though process, leading to inspiration for this blog. The perfect example of this happening is already on the blog. In A Clichéd New Years I mentioned overhearing a conversation between strangers while getting my oil changed. Leading me to think to myself, “Why are everyone’s resolutions so cliché?” One of my favorite blog entries so far, Stupid Phrases came from a very similar place. Instead of listening to one idea inspiring a whole entry, it was a collection of phrases, stupid phrases, that made that possible.

Going into this project, I am keeping my eyes open and my ears alert for potential inspiration. I also challenge you to do the same. You never know what thoughts could be provoked by one simple statement heard in passing.

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