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September 4, 2012

Today, I was thinking about… well, today: Tuesday. There isn’t really anything too special about the day besides new releases (I’ll cover that in another blog). Sunday is known as the lazy day and Monday is known as being the most-hated day of the week. Wednesday is obviously hump-day, Thursday has recently become best known as Thirsty Thursday, then Friday and Saturday have become the all-stars of the week: the weekend.

I thought, what if Tuesday became Twosday?

What is Twosday, you ask? Well, that varies by person and from week-to-week. That is the beauty of Twosday: flexibility. Twosday will be the one day of the week that you can have two of something. Maybe you have a lot to do and need an extra you to get make that deadline. You could want an extra hour in the morning to sleep-in or take your time getting ready. That is all up to you.

Personally, I think I would mostly choose to have an extra hour every Twosday. One week I may decide to sleep… okay, probably more every week, but let’s be optimistic here. I could also use the extra hour to watch a new release movie or listen to the latest album.

Since adding extra things once a week isn’t really possible, the marketing potential for this is out there. It would be nice if certain establishments would pick up the idea of Twosday and do a 2-for-1 special similar to what Starbucks is doing with their Treat Receipt promotion, but year-round. Such a promotion could ramp up business on what is typically one of the slower days of the week for restaurants.

Sorry, the business major in me slipped out. Back to dreaming… an extra brain wouldn’t hurt, either. Think of it: slack off the rest of the workweek because of your extra brain power from Twosday? I don’t typically promote slacking off, but hey, if you could squeeze in the extra work and take off Friday for a three-day weekend? I think everyone would side with that one.

Of course, this could never happen. Wishful thinking, I suppose. The possibilities for Twosday are endless. What would you do if you could have an extra something every Twosday?

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