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Guilty Pleasures

September 7, 2012

I will begin this post with this shocking statement: I do not have any guilty pleasures.

I’m sure you’re thinking “you’re full of lies” and a select few may think that you know for certain that I am trying to cover something up.  Not at all, that is the opposite, actually.  I like many things that society tries to make me feel guilty for enjoying, yes.  However, my willingness to share these guilty pleasures openly doesn’t make them so guilty.

One Direction is geared toward a certain market: teenage girls.  Am I a teenage girl?  Definitely not.  Did that keep me from waiting up until their album (ironically titled) Up All Night hit iTunes?  Absolutely not, I jumped on that purchase like a lion on a gazelle.  Have I already preordered their next release due out in November?  You betcha.  Do I feel guilty?  Not in the least.

When it comes to movies, I admit there are many that I should feel at least a little guilty about enjoying.  Unfortunately I don’t.  Guess who went to see High School Musical 3 and Hannah Montana in theaters AND cried during both?  You’re right… this guy.  Do I feel guilty?  Not at all.  I did however feel very judged by the parents of the younger children that were staring at me before, after, and during the movies.

Speaking of Hannah Montana and High School Musical, it is probably worth mentioning that an alarming amount of my favorite shows are on the Disney Channel and also reside in my instant queue on Netflix.  I will argue with anyone, That’s So Raven is one of the best shows ever.  If you disagree, then ya nasty (That’s So Raven reference).

My lack of guilt for such things isn’t necessarily a new development, though.  I remember back in elementary school being obsessed with Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and Titanic.  All without apologies.  I was often teased for liking these very things and was even told I am not supposed to like them.  Did that stop me?  Nope.  I watched the closing ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympics only to see the Spice Girls perform for a mere 4.5 minutes.  I even admit I bought Spice World on DVD a few years ago to compliment my VHS copy.  When Backstreet Boys teamed up with New Kids on the Block for NKOTBSB, I was definitely there.  As for Titanic, well… the Bluray comes out soon: I’ll be all over that, too.

Forget society’s idea that certain things should only be enjoyed if you feel guilty about doing so.  Life is too short to deal with that.  My method of dealing with this is sharing this simple statement with others: Sorry I’m not sorry.


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