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September 8, 2012

I’m fairly certain we have all thought about it: What exactly would I do if I had one superpower?

Some people would wish for super-human strength while others may wish for one of their sense’s to be heightened.  Being able to show off by stopping a vehicle from crashing off of a bridge would be cool, but kind of boring after a while as people wouldn’t be so impressed.  Same with the heightened senses.  I get tired of hearing or seeing some things at times and that isn’t even with my senses being elevated.  Let’s pretend your hearing is heightened to better detect people screaming out, sure it may help at times and save lives, but let’s think about how a trip to Wal-Mart would be.  No, thank you.

Other people may decide to be invisible or to bestow upon themselves the ability to fly.  Firstly, let me say: I do not trust people who wish they could be invisible.  I get the feeling they are up to something at all times and that I need to keep an eye on them.  Not a fan of that at all.  Flying, however, I am cool with.

As weird as it may sound, I have been obsessed with the thought of being able to fly recently.  It may have something to do with a long commute everyday or maybe even from watching too many NASA documentaries on Netflix (Procrastination).  Let’s be honest though, the ability to fly would open up so many possibilities that I am overwhelmed at the thought of deciding what I would do first.

I believe the first thing I would do would be to fly to Paris, France.  Don’t ask me why, I don’t speak French or anything, It just seems like it’d be the right thing to do: Have an espresso at an outdoor café and take in the sights from the ground.  How perfect does that sound?  While over in that area of the world, I’d hit up all the other obvious destinations (Rome, Madrid, and London come to mind) then return back home to hit up a few other cities.  Fly to New York City on a whim to catch a show on Broadway only after flying to Los Angeles to buy an outfit for the show, of course.  Oh!  I can’t forget a quick trip to Seattle to fuel up on Starbucks where it all began.

I’m sure the newness would eventually wear off and I would have to be a little more practical with my ability and use it to fly to work.  Wouldn’t seem like a commute at all if I were leisurely flying across the countryside of Kentucky.

It is fun to imagine yourself having an ability to make otherwise mundane tasks a little more enjoyable.  If you could choose to have only one superpower what would it be?  Please don’t say you’d like to be invisible, then I’ll have to investigate you thoroughly.


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