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September 9, 2012

One of the main avenues of my Procrastination: Pinterest.

I won’t lie.  When Pinterest first came about, it annoyed me for many reasons.  Mainly because no matter how long I waited or how many people I asked to invite me, I absolutely could not get in.  Once I succeeded in creating an account, the user interface annoyed me.  I just didn’t get it.  A virtual pinboard?  Wasn’t feeling it.  My last reason for hating it was the frenzy it was creating.  But it wasn’t necessarily the frenzy as much as my lack of ability to see what the everybody was obsessing over.

I am happy to report that I have since given into Pinterest.  Mostly because of the amazing iPad App.

I’ll begin with the iPad App.  If you have an iPad and use Pinterest, then you probably already have it, but if you don’t: it is awesome.  The whole idea of pinning makes more sense to me on an interface that is manipulated by touch, it just (in the words of Apple) works.

My Pinterest account was hardly used before the release of the iPad App but I ventured to explore what the community had to offer once the app was released.  Apparently, I missed a lot of stuff before this happened.  I was completely unaware that the whole website wasn’t filled with either recipes or instructions on how to make something strange out of something even stranger.  One of my favorite places to browse is the Men’s Fashion section.  The only problem is my lack of funding to afford half of what I see.   But it sure is fun to dream!

I won’t get into all of my favorite things to look at, if you’re interested, then just go to my profile.  I will say that I never expected to find myself pinning the DIY projects that once annoyed me so much.  However, I am here to admit, I have been checking out my fair share of them–mostly decorations.

This leads me to what has become one of my favorite pastimes with Pinterest: imagining how all of these projects could possibly go wrong.

Luckily, I found a blog dedicated specifically to that exact idea.  Pinstrosity showcases some comical mess-ups of DIY projects gone wrong and some are just bad, bad.  One of my favorite mishaps I came across on the blog was the tale of two girls attempting to mold plastic spoons with fire into a flower-shaped pendant.  You can let your mind run with that one, but I’ll just save you the trouble and send you straight to the story.

Now I’d like to share my most common thought while browsing the website: who thinks of this stuff?!?!  Some of it isn’t too far out there.  But really, melting a bunch of spoons into a flower to wear as a necklace?  Wow.

What I’m walking away with from this self-exploration into Pinterest is that maybe it is best used simply as inspiration.  Not as instructions.  Either way, if you’re brave enough to attempt some of these things and would like to share your horror stories, I’m all ears!


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