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10 Things

September 10, 2012

For the tenth day of September (as well as the tenth day of BEDS) I decided I wanted to do a list of ten things.  At first, I thought about doing a list of ten things about me but decided that was a bit cliché.  Then I thought about doing something that was a play on 10 Things I Hate About You.  I decided against that, too.

Ultimately, I decided to do a list of ten songs that I am really into right now.  Shocking, huh?  This is the third go-around with this idea!  Except this time, they are all not new releases.  Most of them aren’t even singles.

1.) Girl On Fire (Inferno Version) by Alicia Keys featuring Nicki Minaj: I won’t lie on this one… when I first heard the title, my mind immediately thought Katniss Everdeen.  No joke.  Then it was performed on the VMAs and it won me over completely.  This is the title track from Alicia’s new album and if it is any indicator of the rest of it: we’re in for a treat.

2.)  Only The Horses by Scissor Sisters: Being by the Scissor Sisters, this song is obviously driven by a heavy electronic pop feel but doesn’t take it as far as the rest of the album, Magic Hour.  It is soothing yet upbeat at the same time: the perfect blend.

3.) I Love It by Icona Pop: Semi-trashy and electronic.  The theme song to Snooki & JWoww.  Can’t really justify this one at all.

4.) That’s All by Genesis: This is one of those songs that you have always liked but never realized who it was by or what it was.  Until Phillip Phillips performed it on American Idol, I knew the chorus but never what it was.  Since then, I have had it stuck in my head.

5.) Scheiße by Lady GaGa: Yes, that is shit in German.  I have been rocking this song since last January when it was previewed as runway music for Mugler.  This song packs a meaning, an amazing beat, and a chorus that will smack you in the face.  You’ve been warned.

6.) Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj: I like to refer to this as Super Bass: Part Two.

7.) Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and The Diamonds: Part rock, part pop, all awesome and extremely catchy.  Takeaway lyric: Life gave me some lemons, so I made some lemonade.

8.) Queen of the Night by Whitney Houston: In one word, this song is simply a jam.  The beat is spot-on as are the vocals, obviously.  The lyrics in the second verse are some of my favorite from all songs in the “I’m me, get over it” category.

9.) I Feel Better by Gotye: When I bought this CD right after Somebody That I Used to Know hit it big, I was driving and giving it a straight listen-through when this song came on.  At first I was slightly confused by the trumpet fanfare, but then the vocals hit and I couldn’t help but imagine sunshine: I felt better (sorry, I had to).

10.) Stole My Heart by One Direction: One Direction is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures.  This song (like many on this list) are driven by a very dance-influenced beat.  Are the lyrics amazing?  Hardly, they’re actually kind of bad.  This song is one of my favorites simply because of that beat.  Mindless pop: I love it.

There you have it: what I’m listening to right now.  If you see me getting down in my car, chances are one of these songs are responsible.  Like always, I uploaded this playlist to iTunes if you would like to give these songs a chance!


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