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September 11, 2012

I drive the same way to work everyday.  I listen to pretty much the same music on that drive everyday.  It is easy to feel like you’re getting stuck in a rut, I know I get that way pretty often as much as I hate to admit it.  I go from really living my life to simply performing the motions of my life.

When I start to feel like I’m falling into a rut, there is always one solution: shuffle.

While driving, more often than not, I am listening to Hits 1 on SiriusXM.  The station is commercial free (obviously) and plays a pretty nice selection of what is popular and new music to watch out for.  Not to mention, The Morning Mashup is hilarious.  But as with any radio station, it begins to feel like they are playing the same songs on a loop… because they usually are.  Not to complain, but Call Me, Maybe comes to mind.

Same problem with my iPod, though.  It is hard to keep updating my playlists to keep them from being too repetitive so often times, they become pretty outdated pretty quick.

Enter: shuffle.

Load up your iPod with all of your music.  Plug it in.  Press shuffle.  It really is that easy and can turn your day completely around.  It can even invoke thoughts and provide inspiration.  Where do you think the idea to write about this came from?!

My most recent experience with shuffle provided me with a plethora of songs that I had completely forgotten about loving.  I won’t go too deep into which songs, but Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child both definitely made appearances.

To get myself out of a rut, I turn to music.  I suppose I could always drive a different way to work.  Or I could even order a different drink from Starbucks.  But let’s get real: I’m not ditching my venti soy double shot any time soon.

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