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Throwback Thursday: MP3 Edition

September 13, 2012

The theme of this edition of Throwback Thursday seemed an obvious choice to me seeing how Apple not only announced iPhone 5 yesterday, but also a couple of new iPods.  Today, I’m talking mp3 players.

Let me first request that you ignore the wardrobe in this photo: it was my pajamas.  Secondly, like last Throwback Thursday, I’d like to point out the presence of Disney: Mickey Mouse wrapping paper.

Alright, now that all of that is out of the way, let me set the scene for you… the date was December 23, 2000.  Yes, really.  I had finally convinced my parents to allow me to open one gift early and this was that gift.

What is it you ask?  Certainly not an iPod since this even predated the earliest Apple mp3 players.  No, it was an RCA Lyra 2201.  I won’t bore you with the whole rundown of the specs for this bad boy.  Instead, I’ll just leave you with the Wikipedia page so you can investigate yourself in depth.  I would, however like to point out a couple of things that will always make this mp3 player memorable.

It used batteries.  AA or AAA, I’m not sure.  No lithium-ion here, folks.  It had a killer capacity at the time… a whopping 64 megabytes.  If I recall correctly, the most music I ever managed to put on it was 18 songs, but don’t quote me on that.  Lastly, to sync music onto the player, you had to remove a compact flash card and place it in the card reader.  Sounds normal, right?  Until I point out that the card reader plugged into the computer through the keyboard and parallel port for printers.  I’m not joking.

Okay.  Can we just focus how old that statement makes me feel?  I remember jumping for joy thinking I was the coolest kid for having an mp3 player back in the days before legal music downloads really existed.  Nope, not anymore.  Pair that with the fact Google returned a search on the mp3 player with an eBay listing with one adjective that didn’t set well with me: vintage.

Ending this on a happier note, I am pleased to announce that I will most likely be replacing my iPod touch with a newer one.  So take that, vintage mp3 players.


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