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Fall 2012 Apple Keynote

September 14, 2012

Things are about to get geeky in here.  As with my Guilty Pleasures, sorry I’m not sorry.

If there is one thing that I am loyal to in this world in a material sense: it is Apple.  I mean, I’m only a few products shy of having the full product mix.  This past Wednesday, Apple announced a new iPhone, two new iPods, and an upcoming version of iTunes.  What does the Apple fanboy in me think of these announcements?  Well… if you want me to be honest… meh.

Firstly, I am upset it is called the iPhone 5.  It makes absolutely no sense.  Why would you name the sixth-generation product what should have been the fifth-generation’s name?!  Secondly, with the leaked pictures, the mystery of the whole announcement was shattered.  I felt a bit letdown by the lack of one more thing but then again, wasn’t really shocked by the absence.  I feel as though Apple is entering a transitional period between major revisions.

Is the iPhone 5 impressive?  Well, I find it attractive to look at.  The insides aren’t necessarily exciting.  Am I buying one?  I’ll just say I was up waiting the minute Apple turned on pre-orders.  And yes, I secured one. A white one, to be exact.

The biggest surprises to me were the iPods.  While I assumed there would be a new iPod touch that matched the new iPhone in both appearance and specs, I wasn’t quite prepared for the colors.  Definitely wasn’t prepared for the addition of a spot for a wristband and honestly, I’m not sure how I even feel about that.  Actually I do… it is kind of tacky.  We can’t forget the ever-changing iPod nano, either!  This thing has changed appearances so many times it is hard to keep up with.  The past two years it could double as a wristwatch and suddenly it resembles a smaller iPod touch.  Didn’t see that coming.

Will I buy a new iPod?  Possibly.  My iPod video from 2005 has become nothing more than a paperweight and my first-generation iPod touch is heading that direction as well.  So it is inevitable.

Apart from what was announced, there are a few other things I was hoping we would see announced this week.  New iMacs come to the front of my mind.  An updated iPod classic will probably never happen, but is it so bad to dream?  iWork 2012 would have been nice, too.  That ever elusive iPad mini  would have been fun to hear about.  Oh well, that leaves plenty of things to hope for next time!

There you have it: my take on Apple’s announcements this week.  Hopefully this time next week I will have an iPhone 5 either in my hands or en route to my house.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on that developing story.

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