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September 22, 2012

It is official!  Today is the first day of fall!  I have always been that person who says their favorite seasons are the transitional seasons.  Basically, that is just me playing Goldilocks with the seasons.  Why settle for the warmest or coldest season when I can enjoy the ones that are just right?

To me, fall marks the beginning of many great things… and one bad thing.  What could be so bad?  Football season.  I’ll save what bothers me so much about football season for another day.  That is a subject we’ll need more time for.  Quite a bit of time.

When I think of the many things that I love about fall, the first two in my mind are food and clothes.  Strange?  Not at all!  I can sum up what I love most about clothes during fall in one word: hoodies.  More specifically: hoodies with shorts.  Yes.  I am that person.  There is enough of a chill to enjoy the comfort of a hoodie, yet still warm enough to rock a pair of fall-appropriate shorts (we must leave the bright colors and seersucker to spring and summer).  Adding to the semi-hypocritical idea of shorts and a hoodie, I also enjoy jeans and flip-flops.  Yes.  Usually with a plain t-shirt.  Perfection.

Food.  Sign me up.  Though I have never nor will I ever be a fan of pumpkin pie, I do fall victim to the rest of the family, mainly pumpkin muffins and bread.  There is just something about it.  Especially when paired with a warm drink.  This is where I become a little more flexible.  Apple cider, hot chocolate, hot tea (green, black, whatever), steamed soy milk, whatever you throw at me honestly.  However, my go-to fall drink is Chai.  Give it to me as a latte, tea, or throw some concentrate into my espresso.  You name it: I am down.  I am guilty, though.  Even though today is the first day of fall, I have been indulging in one Chai Latte daily.  I blame the K-Cups I found at Kroger but hey, who’s pointing fingers?!

Moving past material traits of what fall means to me, I would just like to say it is simply beautiful.  There is a feeling in the air you can never quite describe accompanied by the aroma of someone somewhere burning leaves.  Bonfires with roasted hot dogs and marshmallows make the season that much better, too.  The whipped cream and cherry for me are the colors of the trees: colors that never go by unnoticed.  The photos I have placed in this are photos I caught this time last year on Rough River.  Sure, I may have retouched them a bit, but I feel that they capture the true essence of fall and its beauty.

If you catch me out and about with Starbucks in my hand, wearing shorts with a hoodie, and blankly looking toward the sky, you know what I’m up to.

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