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A “Foreign” Language

September 23, 2012

When I was in high school, I took four years of Spanish. I would almost venture to say that I could speak it very well. Of course, I graduated high school six years ago and I am kind of rusty on the language I learned. However, I do consider myself fluent in one language other than English…

Movie quotes. You could ask why I consider movie quotes to be a foreign language. In response I say you just can’t ask someone why they’re white. See what I did there? Point in case: some of you will immediately get it while some of you won’t: just like a foreign language. I can’t count how many times I have quoted a movie in conversation to either be stared at like an idiot or cause large amounts of laughter and at times high fives. At times, it can be a real risk, but a lot of times it pays off.

Most quotable movie? Easy: Mean Girls. Even when it doesn’t apply, it does. I’ve used lines from Mean Girls in class, at work, and even at home. I have said I’m not a regular uncle, I’m a cool uncle, right Madison? Madison would obviously be my niece… my seven year-old niece. Clearly she is too young to get the reference, yet I still cracked myself up and that is all that matters, right? In class? Someone is speaking out loud and asking questions with obvious answers. Perfect moment: one time, he/she asked me how to spell orange. Laughing at an outfit: I saw them wearing army pants and flip-flops, so I bought army pants and flip-flops. The possibilities with Mean Girls are truly endless.

Second most quotable? Bridesmaids. Just like Mean Girls, Bridesmaids is full of great material. The argument at the wedding shower? Yelling involving anal bleaching?! You have to keep that in your pocket at all times: nobody ever sees it coming. Of course, being an R-rated movie, Bridesmaids is not as easy to throw out on any occasion, but you’d be surprised.

A few more movies that I consider to be go-to for great quotes: The Hangover, The 40-Year Old Virgin, Easy A, and No Strings Attached. I have recently branched into quoting television shows as well. While I have fallen victim to that’s what she said, it isn’t the only thing I shoot out.

Arrested Development is the clear winner in quotable television. The best part of quoting Arrested Development is the fact that most people haven’t seen it. I have had many conversations with people who turn out to be awesome, all because of an Arrested Development quote. Ever out of money? There’s always money in the banana stand. Someone a little to close for comfort? NO TOUCHING! Not to mention that this show is responsible for my desire to have Ron Howard voice-over my life.

Speaking of voice-overs… Sex and the City. Once again, the perfect niche. Not many people will get it, but the ones that do are the ones you want to surround yourself with. They’re your people. Obviously, The Office and Parks and Rec are full of quotable moments: Tom Haverford, anyone? Treat yo’ self!

My obsession with quoting movies could stem back to my days as a minion of a video rental company. It could simply be that I lack originality. It could possibly be an extension of my love for pop culture. Whatever you want to go with: I’ll leave that for you to decide. Just remember: on Wednesdays we wear pink.

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