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Making This Blog

September 25, 2012

A lot of components go into the production of this blog.  Much more than simply me typing my thoughts into a browser and clicking publish.  In this entry, I will be going over exactly what I use to make this blog a reality…

Part One: Hardware

I use several pieces of technology to place everything together.  Here is the breakdown:

  1. Apple iMac: This bad boy does all the heavy-lifting.  Writing and publishing.  Photo editing.  Keeping everything organized and backed-up.
  2. Apple iPad 2: Writing on the go.  Publishing in a pinch.
  3. Apple iPhone 4/5: Most photos come from one of these two guys.  iPhone also comes in handy to keep an eye on site traffic, comments, likes, and all that fun stuff.
  4. Samsung TL210: I’ll be honest, here.  The only photo taken with this camera on the blog is the one of me in the banner at the top.  But that is important, right?

Part Two: Software

What is great hardware without excellent software running on it?  In order of significance, the software holding this operation together:

  1. Pages: Apple’s answer to Microsoft Word.  Much more intuitive and easier to use.  Plus it comes as an iOS app as well so I have it on my iPad and iPhone, too!
  2. Pixelmator: Think Photoshop but without a huge price tag.  I never liked using the real Photoshop at all, but this software makes all of the same features available in a very nice user interface.  Only downside is that it is only available on Apple computers.
  3. PicFrame: Easy collage maker.  Have it on my iPad, iPhone, and iMac.  Simple enough to get the job done perfectly.
  4. iPhoto: I do my less intense editing in iPhoto simply because all of my photos are already there.

Part Three: The Cloud

I debated where these two things would fall as they are not necessarily considered software and are definitely not hardware on my end.  Then it was obvious: the cloud.

  1. WordPress: Obviously, I use WordPress to power my blog.  Since I am not yet self-hosting this website, they are what makes everything happen.  If it weren’t for their hosting, I wouldn’t have this blog.  Even once I make the move to a self-hosted domain, I will definitely be taking WordPress with me… just as software.
  2. iCloud: Apple’s cloud plays a fairly large role in this blog.  My blog entries written in Pages all sync wirelessly and immediately across all of my devices.  I can work on them literally anywhere.  All my photos I take with my iPhone are automatically pushed into the cloud and downloaded to all of my devices.  iCloud has made my life so much easier.  If you have multiple Apple devices and aren’t using it, then you need to.

Well, there you have it: how my blog works.  Hopefully some of you thinking about starting a blog can use some of my methods as well.  It has taken a little while to get a pattern going, but if blogging everyday in September has taught me one thing, it is that I would be nowhere without the help from these things.

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