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Throwback Thursday: Big Wheel Edition

September 27, 2012

When I was younger, I was much riskier than I am now.  I’d jump off of the swing at its highest point.  On the trampoline, I would convince myself I could do a flip which would always end badly.  I would jump into our pool though the stickers on the pool stated to not do so.  My treehouse had a rope swing… that I often crashed into said treehouse resulting in some serious scrapes.

However, if you ask me what I thought was most daring when I was younger, I’d have to say taking my big wheel down the front steps.

It was the thing I had to build myself up for: one step at a time.  First I’d take it slow, practically edging it along.  Then a little faster after a while, but then I’d get the running start the length of the sidewalk.

Looking back, I yearn for the times where something so ridiculous seemed so challenging.  If you had told that four year-old me that in a couple of years, I’d be doing the same thing on a bike, I would have thought you were crazy.  Even more crazy when you brought up my future rollerblading tricks that ultimately got me a fractured wrist.  What I’d give to have an adult-sized big wheel to ride around on…

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