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Thank You

October 1, 2012

All through September, I was posting one new entry each day to this blog as I am sure most of you know.  In yesterday’s post, I talked about how blogging everyday helped me both personally and creatively.  What I didn’t bring up, however was how doing so impacted the blog itself in terms of traffic, interest, etc.

Let me first say thank you to anyone and everyone who showed up to read what I had to say.  Whether it was daily, weekly, or maybe you showed up once and browsed them all: thank you.  Without having such a positive reaction, I’m not sure I would have been able to keep going as I did.

What is a positive reaction?  Well… let’s get into some numbers.  Since WordPress is so amazing, I have been able to track how many people visit, how they get here, and where they are from.  That last bit is what amazed me the most: in the last thirty days, fourteen different countries have visited my blog.  Although the majority of my blog’s traffic is in the United States, it amazes me that there are still visitors from all over the world!

Coming into BEDS, my blog hadn’t been getting amazing web traffic, but it wasn’t disappointingly low: I always had hope.  Never did I expect that in a month of solid attention I would have more than doubled what had taken nine months to hit.  That’s right… during the month of September alone, hits have a little more than doubled!  While many larger operations get as thousands of hits in one day, I am pleased to say that my little blog hit around 800 for the month!  I still can’t believe that it did so well, honestly.

Most of my self-promotion for this blog takes place on my Facebook apart from the occasional tweet.  But as September started to creep by, I realized there were a few new social media aspects that I had left untouched this entire time.  One would be Google+ and the other would be none other than my recent obsession, Pinterest.  While Google+ isn’t catching on as well as I had thought it would, it still referred quite a bit of traffic through indexing each entry better for Google search.  Some of the search terms that ended up at my blog are obvious while others are plain strange.  The dark horse, however is Pinterest.  I pinned each blog entry to my Blog board everyday.  Each day, I get at least five visits that originated from Pinterest.  I know that doesn’t sound like much, but just think what difference that little number made on my overall traffic for the month!

I am so pleased with how well BEDS went and look forward to blogging much more frequently since September has ended: I have a lot of ideas ahead!

Once again, I’d like to thank all of the readers who made this project such a success.  This past month would not have been possible with you.

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