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October 6, 2012

There is exactly one month left before Election Day.  Have you decided who you will be voting for?

Instead of expressing my opinions on who I agree with or what I am against, I am simply requesting that anyone and everyone who are able to vote do so.  Differences are what makes the world spin and that is something I can respect: that’s why I will not be telling you to vote for my favorite candidate.

For those of you that haven’t quite decided which candidate to back, I came across a website designed to put it all on the table.  On, almost every issue is presented and you choose where you stand on that as well as how important it is to you.  Issues covered by the website are social, immigration, science, foreign and domestic policies, the economy, healthcare, and the environment.

My results weren’t extremely shocking, I’ll be honest: I knew where I stood before I answered the first question.

To those of you who know who you are voting for, be sure to vote.  For those in limbo, please vote for the person who supports you.  It is important to vote for what you believe in.  Even if you don’t vote for my candidate, I still urge you to make your voice be heard.

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