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Throwback Thursday: Halloween Edition – Part I

October 18, 2012

When I was younger, my mother always tried her best to make sure I had a creative costume every Halloween.  Of course there were a few years where I dressed up in typical costumes: a clown, Batman, you name it.  But then there were years that I stood out.  Particular costumes that come to mind include the year that I was Goofy and the year I dressed up as a Conehead.  Yes, a Conehead.

None of those costumes would be considered as my favorite, though.  Which costume would that be?  Easy: my dad.

The idea was simple enough: dress me up exactly like my dad when he works.  The costume definitely worked, too.  All I needed was a hardhat, some of his tools, an ID badge, a shirt, and of course an awesome fake mustache.

Not one single person asked me who I was supposed to be.  Everyone already knew: the costume was perfect.

Had you told me this costume would be at the top of my list for favorites, I probably would have disagreed.   But in hindsight, it is easier to see: like father, like son.

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