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Throwback Thursday: Halloween Edition – Part II

October 25, 2012

From the day that I was born until recently, we have always had one amazing neighbor. Her name? Lucille. She lived alone one house over and was one of the nicest women you could ever meet.

When I was younger, I would visit her all the time. There were even times that I would “run away” from home and hide somewhere in her house. One thing was constant: Lucille always had my back when I was little.

Not only was she awesome every single day, but she was extra-awesome one particular day of the year: Halloween.

I was always most excited to go visit her in my costume on Halloween. Why? Well that’s simple: she gave me multiple full-size candy bars and everyone else received the fun sized ones. Clearly she thought fondly of my creative costumes.

My only wish regarding this photo of Lucille and I would be that I could return to that moment. Not for more candy bars, but so I could teach myself a few things. Mainly some awful pirate puns to go along with my costume. I mean really, though: iPatch, Barghbeque, ArghC Cola, the possibilities are endless… maybe next year.

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