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The Tale of the Spoon

October 27, 2012

Last year, a few days before Halloween, something interesting happened at the Crumes household.  Something that you may not even believe, it is so bizarre.  Today, you are in for a treat… I am about to tell you The Tale of the Spoon, and if you don’t believe it… well, I have both a photo and a video as proof to submit as evidence.

Let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start (shout out to Sound of Music)… my dad simply asked me where “that” spoon came from.  Confused, I obviously asked him what he was talking about.  I was then introduced to the now infamous spoon which said “Please Return to Denneys.”  Yes.  It was spelled wrong, my first thought, too.  Of course the spoon told us where it came from, but the mystery was how it came to find itself here.

Where did we find it?  Our front porch.  More specifically, sitting on a pumpkin on our front porch.  This spoon did not just sit itself on that pumpkin, it had to have gotten there somehow.

Now, my parents were not concerned with the fact that someone put a spoon on our porch as much as amused by it, especially my dad.  So being retired and well, for lack of better words, himself, my dad took it upon himself to scan our security footage to find the person that planted the spoon.  He literally dedicated about five hours to doing this: I had honestly thought he was kidding about watching the tapes until I realized he had disappeared.

Once he found the footage, he called for mom and I to come watch it.  Not only did he discover the footage of the spoon being left, but he discovered that the spoon had apparently been sitting on the pumpkin unnoticed for two days.

Basically, someone drove in front of our house in the middle of the night and stopped to let a passenger out.  This man then ran up into our yard and strategically placed the spoon on our pumpkin.  Now for my most favorite part of the story: as he runs back to the getaway truck, he stumbles to pull his pants up to keep them from falling down.  Yes.  Not only can our harmless prankster not spell Denny’s, but he cannot seem to keep his pants up either.  Once the guy hops back into the truck, it drives off.

Weird, right?

I had told a few people the story right after it happened, but a couple of them didn’t quite understand the whole story and some even thought I was making it up.  So here we are: the evidence of one of the most harmless, yet strangest Halloween pranks.

Keep your eyes open: we are hoping to find a matching fork and knife to complete our place setting this Halloween!

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