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December 15, 2012


JoyOrnamentJoy: one of the most often-used words this time of the year.  It is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.  Fair enough, it covers quite a bit of ground; especially during Christmas.

From the lights and music to being surrounded by friends and family: there is nothing more joyful than Christmas.

That’s why I am telling you that Tazo hit the nail on the head when they developed a special blend of tea specifically for Christmas and named it Joy.

Described on the tin by Tazo itself: this full-bodied, festive cup of rare Darjeelings and Oolongs is a special tea to share with family and friends.  (They will understand completely, however, if you decided to be a Scrooge about this instead.)

TazoJoyFull-bodied definitely covers this tea perfectly.  The best part of this blend, however, is also the hardest thing to describe.  It has a sort of magic quality that changes the flavor as you go.  No joke.  Like the label says: it is a blend of different types of teas and it really shows.  At first glance, Joy is passable simply as a black tea yet the aroma leads you to believe otherwise: there is more to it than just black tea.  The first sip tastes exactly like what you believe it would: a festive black tea.  Then the magic happens when the green tea reveals itself and then suddenly you are left with yet another flavor as an aftertaste.

I have already shared this tea with several people and each one of them enjoyed the tea as much as I do.  Even my mother didn’t hate it and she typically gags at the thought of hot tea.

I recommend you get to Starbucks as soon as possible to either try a cup or buy a tin of 15 full-leaf sachets for $6.95.  Since it is a seasonal item, I have been stocking up like crazy and have a couple empty tins and several unopened.  Hopefully the Mayan apocalypse won’t happen so I have time to consume every bit that I have bought!

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