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Sounds of Christmas

December 16, 2012


When I was thinking about what makes Christmas feel like Christmas, many things came to mind.  The smell of cinnamon, candy, and sugar cookies which lead me to the food of Christmas.  The feel of a warm sweater, perhaps.  I won’t keep going: the idea is that there are many things that signify Christmas that stimulate the senses.  I decided though, that my favorite would have to be the sounds.


What exactly would I venture to include as a sound of Christmas?  Obviously the music.  Last year, I covered some albums that I love for Christmas.  Only one problem, though: I completely left out traditional songs.  Every year, I tend to forget a select few of my favorites until suddenly they are thrown in front of me.  What did it this year?  My nephew’s Christmas concert.  Which songs?  To name a few: Greensleeves, Carol of the Bells, and The Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy.  Instantly upon hearing the first chord of each song, I knew every last bit of the songs.

Beyond the more traditional Christmas songs, there are many beautiful sounds to be found.  One that can never be missed yet can be the most annoying: Salvation Army bell-ringers.  There is something both heart-warming and irritating about the sound of those bells.  It never fails once you’ve dropped a few coins or a couple of dollars into the bucket, the bell stops for maybe a split second to receive a Merry Christmas and then it picks right back up.  I challenge you to think of a Christmas where you’ve gone without hearing one!

I also associate the sounds of trains with Christmas.  Well, any train except the real ones, honestly.  Maybe that is due to the fact that my mother always had a train circling our tree when I was little or quite possibly because of the train rides populating most shopping malls these days during Christmas.  Either way, a train horn will always remind me of Christmas.

Another sound is of course the crackling of a fireplace.  Something both relaxing to listen to and to watch but is unfortunately becoming a thing of the past.  I know we had to stop when I was younger due to my wicked allergies.  Thankfully as time has progressed, someone decided to build a fake fire with fake crackles and all.  Is it the same?  Not really, but at least I can enjoy a “fireplace” without having to suffer the runny nose and itchy eyes!

There are many, many more sounds that can be linked to Christmas.  These are only a few of my favorites.  Take a moment and think about what sounds make Christmas amazing for you and then find them as a sound loop to listen to throughout your day.  There’s nothing quite like listening to a crackling fire on your iPod as you drift to sleep on a cold winter night!

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