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Throwback Thursday: Ugly Christmas Sweater Edition

December 20, 2012


In recent years, there has been an ugly Christmas sweater fad.  For those of you out of the loop, an ugly Christmas sweater is nothing more than a tacky, dated, gaudy sweater (typically from the nineties) that goes a bit too far.  I haven’t fallen victim to this trend, but I can tell you that I was there the first time around and this photo is proof.UglySweater

Let’s paint the picture: pudgy, awkward, third-grade me immediately following the opening of my $5 gift from some random classmate, pretending to be pleased, obviously.  Notice the sweater.  The ugliest?  Not really, but it certainly doesn’t qualify as gorgeous.  Is it tacky?  I’ve seen far more tacky.  This is homely more than anything.

What makes this sweater so awesome is that it is an original.  The ones out and about today are nothing more than impostors.  This is the real deal.

If I remember correctly, it was nothing more than a simple sweatshirt with an iron-on Santa outlined in that strange t-shirt paint/glue stuff.  The one detail that really sets off the sweater is the contrasting turtle-neck underneath.  Only in the nineties can something so amazing be pulled off flawlessly.

Here’s to wishing I still had that sweater.  I’m certain I could still fit in it though I may have to explain to some people that it is actually from baby Gap and is a slim, vintage fit.  Would definitely be worth the trouble.

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