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‘Tis The Season

December 21, 2012


Today marks quite a few things.  Most notably the end of the world according to the Mayans.  But seeing as this post has been published and you’re reading it, it is safe to say that they were wrong.  Today is also the winter solstice: marking the first official day of winter.

Much like every season, I have a few things I love and a few things I absolutely despise.  Strangely enough, during winter, they are the same things!Winter

Snow is both pretty and a pain.  As a child, I was always excited about the thought of snow since it meant a day off from school.  As an adult, I see it as the annoyance that it is: a challenge to get anywhere.  For every beautiful flurry shining under a streetlamp in the dark night, there is that one patch of ice waiting to spin your tire and cause you to have a panic attack.  For each snowman built, there is the nasty road salt buildup on your fenders.

What would be a post during the 12 Days of Christmas without mentioning Christmas?!  There it is: my other love/hate obsession during winter.  I feel it is obvious that I absolutely love this time of year simply for Christmas.  But at the same time, I dread dealing with it.  What makes it suck?  People are increasingly more rude around Christmas.  Very strange as you’d think it would be the opposite, but in my experiences, it is true.  Then you give those same people cars.  They drive their cars around town trying to pickup the perfect gift for that special someone.  Said people in cars shopping for gifts create traffic.  Awful traffic.


This brings me back to my main point: snow.  Traffic in snowy conditions?  I hate it.  Unfortunately, for a functioning human, hibernation isn’t an option so one must persevere.  Who would think something so beautiful could be spun into creating a dreadful feeling toward something otherwise considered the most wonderful time of the year?

Here’s to hoping for a green Christmas and an extremely warm winter!

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