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December 29, 2012

A year ago, I wrote of A Clichéd New Year’s where everyone’s resolutions were the same.  As with every year, that aspect hardly ever changes.

I made a few goals for myself last year, though.  One goal was to read more.  More as in at least one real book per month instead of my favorite Literary Smut.  Well… what can I say?  I read one book… but only one.  Honestly, I think The Hunger Games hardly counts as a real book.  So sadly, I didn’t reach that goal.  I did however buy a new NOOK… so maybe that will relight my reading fire (I could make an awful Catching Fire joke right now, but I will exercise restraint).

2012Another goal I made was to further embrace my creative side starting specifically with this blog.  I don’t want to say I missed the goal, but it didn’t really start to shape up until I began Blog Everyday in September.  Beginning with September, I started to be a bit more original with my posts and definitely a lot more frequent.  This blog became a thing that I thought about without even meaning to–a huge difference from the beginning.  My creative side has also been showing more in my graphics for the blog as well as the photos I take and post on here as well as Instagram.  I even ventured out and posted a video on my YouTube account retelling The Tale of the Spoon from last Halloween!  Overall, I think we can consider this goal a success.

Moving past my intended goals, I mentioned a few resolutions that I could have made for this year but never put into action.  I jokingly said that I could lose weight and hit the gym.  Well, I definitely didn’t hit the gym, but I lost a few pounds without trying so that is kind of cool.  Learning new things was also on the list: check.  Have you seen the type of edits and graphics I’ve been doing on here?!  Not too bad to be self-taught if I do say so myself!  I also brought up spending more time with my family.  This I definitely feel like I accomplished.  I made sure to be off from work for certain events, talk more with my family, and really enjoy their company.

The next possible resolution that I didn’t make was to land a new job.  I haven’t spoken of work directly in any of my posts until now, but back in July, I blamed the lack of action on this blog to the fact that I picked up a second job: that was no lie.  From February through the end of June, I only had maybe two days off between both jobs.  I took the second job in hopes that it may turn into something more promising faster than my first job had.

WorkBannerAs fate would have it, about a month after I took my second job, I received a promotion at my first job as well as a transfer to a less-stressful location (win-win!).  I continued to work both jobs until I realized the second one was awful.  Really, though: I could write a short presentation on how awful that company is.  Once I came to terms with that fact and that there was not a promising future there, I left.

Fast forward to more recent times (think mid-late November): I’m still with my original job… one thing has changed, however: I was promoted once again, this time to a salary position.  Two promotions in one year… I count the year as a success.  Better yet, with this promotion, everything else I would like to accomplish will fall into place!

Never at the beginning of the year did I think I would be capable of meeting resolutions that I never really intended on making, but only mentioned in passing.  2012 shaped up to be quite the year for me which was a nice change from a pretty lousy 2011.  Here’s to hoping 2013 continues where 2012 is leaving off and continues to soar higher and higher!

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